BBB says be aware of pitfalls during “Giving Tuesday”

Published: Nov. 29, 2022 at 3:47 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -Own a computer or cell phone chances are they’ve been hit with several requests from local and national charities to give on “Giving Tuesday”.

This may be an annual tradition for some, and there are no qualms about giving a donation to a known charity that is trusted. But if giving to another organization this year is a consideration, the Better Business Bureau suggests doing a bit of homework to find out more about the charity’s mission, and where the money goes.

“Scammers will use text messages,” says Tim Johnston with the Better Business Bureau. “They will use phishing email so emails that maybe look like it comes from a national charity to have you click it and then donate. You think you are donating but you are actually providing your personal information, financial information, and money to a scammer,” he says.

Johnston says the Better Business Bureau has a “” page located on their website which can help anyone find out more about a charity.

Today he suspects there will be even more visits to the site as some people may want to look at experiences both good and bad concerning a specific charity.

The Better Business Bureau also allows charities to be evaluated by the BBB. Here the bureau looks at 20-standards of accountability during the evaluation process. If the organization meets all standards, it will be labeled as a BBB accredited charity.

“We look at not only the finances of an organization, but the governance,” says Johnston. “And also, is the organization truthful and transparent in its representation? It is a more holistic approach and a review of the organization, rather than just this is how much money they take in and how much money they put out to programs.”

Red Flags on days like today: Johnston says be aware some illegitimate charities who use names similar to those which are tried and true. Being pressured into giving a donation today. Donations can be made anytime to a charity who will be happy to have the funds. And make sure the donation site is secure. The website where you enter your information has an “https:” as part of its address.