Carson City non-profit Friends in Service Helping has car window smashed

Published: Nov. 22, 2022 at 6:51 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - A Carson City non-profit is picking up the pieces after an apparent act of vandalism over the weekend.

Friends in Service Helping - or FISH - provides Food, Shelter, Insurance and Healthcare to those in need in Carson City and surrounding rural areas. Now they’re in need of help after their long-running 1986 Honda Accord had its back window smashed in on Saturday night.

“We’ve had this car for a while. We use it to transport clients going through an emotional crisis,” said Megan Short, marketing specialist and grant coordinator with FISH. “We’re looking at quotes that are about 500 bucks. Is this car worth the 500? Should we get a new car? We’re not really sure what to do right now.”

Short says the Carson City Sheriff’s Office is helping investigate the case. She says surveillance video shows a likely homeless man throwing a heavy bag into the air, hitting the car and crushing the back window.

“It looks like they were pretty drunk and inebriated,” said Short. “I don’t know if the car happened to be there or they were aiming, but here we are.”

The car features a Plexiglas separator and is used to take people in need of help to Mallory Behavioral Center in Carson City. Short says they won’t let the setback disturb their social services, especially during a busy holiday week.

“If someone needs a ride to Mallory, we’ll find a way to get them there. We’re fortunate to have other vehicles,” said Short. “This won’t stop us. We’ll charge on and hopefully get this fixed soon.”

In April, FISH was burglarized, with nearly $1,000 in total damages. To get involved or donate to their mission - which is 98% community-backed - visit