The Road Ahead: Peckham Lane Project Complete

Published: Nov. 22, 2022 at 1:58 PM PST
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SPONSORED: The RTC has just finished construction on the Peckham Lane Project in Reno. This project was a roadway rehabilitation project on Peckham Lane between Baker Lane and South Virginia Street. The roadway was beginning to fail in this area and needed some attention. As part of the project, the RTC rehabilitated the roadway, replaced the sidewalks, upgraded the curb ramps, made driveway improvements, and replaced the old culvert on the Cochrane Ditch. The RTC also replaced the traffic signal at the Peckham Lane/Baker Lane intersection.

This project represented an approximate $2.6 million dollar investment in our community funded with fuel tax funds. This is just one of the ways the RTC is using the money you pay at the pump to improve your commute. Not only will these improvements make the roadway smoother and more accessible for everyone, but the new traffic signal will help save you time!

The RTC would like to thank the community for their patience during the construction process. RTC had to close Peckham Lane a couple of times to expedite construction operations before weather cooled down. So far, the feedback on the project has been positive. Now that the new and improved roadway is open and people are getting a chance to try it out, they’re enjoying the improvements.

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