The final Fred Boyce Art Exhibit this weekend

Published: Nov. 11, 2022 at 2:16 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - “If they didn’t come, it would be similar to a very good orchestra playing with no crowd,” Fred Boyce told us seven years ago at one of his art shows.

But his message still applies today seven months after his death.

He lived to be 100 years-old and his daughter Kathy says he never stopped sketching, drawing and painting.

“It was his purpose, every day,” says Kathy Boyce. “I moved him to assisted living and the only thing he cared about is getting his easel and paints set up,” she says.

He moved to Nevada in the 1970s from the east coast and never looked back.

His inspiration was the rugged Northern Nevada landscape. It’s mountains, trees, and animals. But decades of work would show other inspiration as well. These are World War Two drawings Kathy never knew existed. There are covers for outdoor magazines. He captured Nevada’s wild horses. He liked to fish.

“He won the 1987 or 88 Nevada State Trout Stamp contest,” she says. “Which was 80,000 people who applied. And so, from there he painted a lot of kinds of fishing. He was a fly fisherman,” says Boyce.

The last of his available works are on display and for sale at Eagle Frames and Art on Wells Avenue until Sunday.

Some of the paintings were in storage, others discovered as Kathy cleared out her father’s home. Her only hope as her father’s works leaves her hands; his wish for those who covet his art continues.

Boyce once told us, “If my art resonates spiritually with anybody, I did something right,”.