School bus driver also arrested in Carson City confrontation with student

Published: Sep. 15, 2022 at 9:56 PM PDT|Updated: Sep. 16, 2022 at 7:48 PM PDT
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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - SEPT. 16 EVENING UPDATE: A Carson City school bus driver who allowed a man to get on his bus Wednesday to confront students was arrested Friday for child endangerment, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office said.

James Blueberg, 57, was booked in the Carson City jail on charges of child endangerment and threatening a student. Friday’s arrest of Blueberg follows Thursday’s arrest of Michael Thomas Baxter, 54, for walking onto the bus with a holster, claiming he had a gun and then threatening a student.

Details released Friday indicate Baxter followed the bus and got on it to reprimand a student who made an obscene gesture.

Blueberg pulled up to Bordewich Bray Elementary School about 8:14 a.m. Wednesday to drop off students he had picked up, according to sheriff’s office information.

As children got off the bus, Baxter approached the bus and talked to Blueberg, then walked on to the bus. The report said they knew each other.

Baxter demanded to know who made an obscene gesture to him, the report said. Baxter stopped several children and asked if they flipped him off, the report said. A 9-year-old walked up to Baxter and presented himself. Blueberg allegedly told the child, “What are you doing? Do you want to get your head caved in?” the report said.Baxter lectured the child and reached to his right hip and says, “You see this? This is a gun,” the report said, later adding, “People shoot people for those kinds of things.”

Surveillance video shows the child is “visibly upset” by Baxter yelling at him. The child began to cry and Baxter began his explain his actions an try to calm him down, the report said. Both Baxter and Blueberg told the student to be respectful to other people. Baxter told the children to have a good day and let them leave the bus.

Blueberg told the sheriff’s office the student was a constant problem.

After all the children left the bus, Baxter got back on and told Blueberg, “There are no white kids on the bus.” Blueberg replied they were students from the tribal part of Carson City.

Blueberg told investigators he never saw a gun. Blueberg also said he would never drive a school bus again.

The child told investigators that his cousin told him to make an obscene gesture to the driver behind them and if he didn’t he would tackle him, the report said.

Baxter admitted to a detective that he told the child he had a gun, but in fact he only had an empty holster. Baxter said he initially only wanted to talk to the bus driver but went on the bus at Blueberg’s invitation.

Any parent of a child who was involved in this incident who has not been contacted by Sept. 21 should call Detective Sam Torres at 775-283-7855 so arrangements can be made for an interview.

SEPT. 16 MORNING UPDATE: The Carson City School District says district officials and school administrators are continuing to work with local authorities in providing info related to the incident.

The families of the students on the bus were not immediately notified of the incident so as not to hinder the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

Carson City School District school officials say Baxter is not employed by them, and it is not immediately clear how he gained access to the bus.

Man enters Carson City school bus and threatens student

ORIGINAL STORY: The Carson City Sheriff’s Office on Thursday arrested a man who allegedly boarded a school bus with a holstered gun.

Michael Baxter, 54, of Carson City was booked on charges of false imprisonment, threatening to cause bodily harm to a pupil and unlawful contact with a child. His bail was set at $7,500.

The sheriff’s office did not release specifics of the incident, other than to say it happened Wednesday at Bordewich Bray Elementary School. Detectives were notified and they identified Baxter as the suspect.

The sheriff’s office said the school district is cooperating with the investigation.

Another person was arrested on an unrelated charge as deputies took Baxter into custody, the sheriff’s office said.