Outfitting Aces fans comes down to creative, logistical processes

Published: Sep. 12, 2022 at 9:16 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - It’s one of the biggest hot spots at Greater Nevada field: The team shop - Jennifer Liebler’s sanctuary.

“I watch what the customers do when they come in and see where they go, and what they buy,” Liebler said.

That’s the first step in understanding how to stock the shelves at Greater Nevada Field’s team store with the best gear for any Aces fan.

Liebler is the team store manager. All of what fans see inside her store doesn’t just appear magically or by accident.

“We do our sales reports of course so that’s the hard evidence of what’s actually selling and moving in the store and what’s available from our vendors and all of that fun supply chain management stuff,” Liebler said.

What fans see Opening Day won’t always be what they see as the season moves along. Liebler and her team order gear and get boxes of shipments bi-weekly.

The merch fans have in their closets isn’t cookie cutter stuff either. The Aces design some of it.

“The vendors give us options so then we can select our own designs and tweak them a little bit,” Liebler said of the creative process. “There’s still some guidelines but we get to pick colors and other print options.”

This season Liebler herself paired hat designs and colorways with matching shirts that went on display. She also picked the design of a women’s hat with a special pony tail hole; hand-selected with fans in mind.

“That’s what excites me and drives me for what we’re doing here,” Liebler said of her involvement. “It’s the fan experience and seeing them represent our team and knowing that I picked that t-shirt design or something.”

Negotiations for 2023 have already started with big manufacturers like New Era.