Meet the Aces ushers

Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 1:57 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Here to help.

“They’re making sure people are coming down to the right sections,” The Reno Aces VP of Event Experience, Sarah Bliss, said of the Aces ushers.

50 to 60 bodies help staff the ballpark every game day.

“They’re holding out a stop sign while the batter is at bat so people in the stands can enjoy the experience without people coming and going,” Bliss further explained.

They’re the ushers and supervisors of Greater Nevada Field. Bliss is in charge of the group. They’re there to answer any questions, point fans in the right direction, and educate people on stadium policies.

Their day starts with a ‘Win Our Way’ meeting to get everyone situated.

Andy Angell is a retired firefighter and has been helping out at games the past five years. He says if ushers didn’t exist fans would notice.

“Without us being here they’d probably enjoy the experience but probably not the way they’re supposed to,” Angell said with a laugh.

Like Andy, many ushers and supervisors work games as second careers, or a way to engage with the community after retiring.

Ken Stoehrmann has one of the most unique juxtapositions.

“I was an Air Force officer for 30 years and flew jet fighters. This is certainly different than flying jet fighters” he said. “I also worked at the Pentagon. This is far less stressful than the Pentagon. This is far less stressful and more enjoyable.”

If you’ve been to multiple Aces games you’ve likely seen different faces at your favorite spots. Rotating ushers around the ballpark keeps the job fresh.

For Peter Stribling each game brings new memories.

“From the true die-hard fans to the families, and the first-time events, the energy is just amazing. I love it out here,” said Stribling.

Sarah, Andy, Ken, and Peter remember the defensive gems, the timely hits, the comeback wins, and special events. But it’s the time spent with fans that’s really memorable.

“They leave here with a smile on their face. Even if we lose the game it makes us feel good because we know they’re coming back,” Stoehrmann said.

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