Celebrating Whiskey Harvest season at Frey Ranch Distillery

Northern Nevada is home to one of the few whiskey producers, who grow 100% of their grains on site. The Frey Ranch Distillery.
Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 7:44 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Northern Nevada is home to one of the few whiskey producers, who grow 100% of their grains on site. The Frey Ranch family has been growing high-quality grains in Northern Nevada for over 160 years, including all the classic whiskey grains. Frey Ranch Distillery was founded in 2006, by Colby Frey, 5th generation Nevada farmer, and his wife Ashley; creating a true ‘’ground-to-glass” whiskey experience.

“We make several whiskeys, we make a bourbon and a rye; our two main whiskeys. We have single whiskeys which are barrel proof, and store picks usually, and then we also have a wheat whiskey, and oat whiskey, and we’re coming out with some other special whiskeys,” said Colby.

Frey Ranch currently has 3 signature whiskeys and counting, as they expect to launch their newest expression, ‘Frey Ranch Single Barrel Rye’ in September 2022. Adding to their unique collection, featuring only their grains.

“Our rye whiskey is 100% rye; our bourbon is wheat, rye, barley and corn; our oat whiskey is 100% oak; our wheat whiskey is 100% wheat and so we’re really celebrating those grains that we grow right here in Fallon, Nevada,” said Colby.

Celebrating the agriculture of N. Nevada and using it to create various whiskey expressions, and also practicing the virtue that is, patience.

“It starts in the field, we have to plant the grains and that usually takes about a year to get the grains harvested, then we distill them into whiskey, which only takes a few days, but then we have to put them in barrels and that’s a long process...we let it age for 5 to 6 years, so the whole process can take 6 to 7 years...and that’s not even including the whiskeys that need 8-10 years in the barrels,” said Colby.

But the good news is, it’s harvest season, so that means more grains for more whiskey expressions. The annual Whiskey Harvest runs from August to late October and will be celebrated with donations to important organizations that support local family farming initiatives, including Farm Aid and the Fallon Food Hub. For tasting room hours and more information about Frey Ranch Distillery, click here.

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