Prowler continues to stalk northeast Reno neighborhood

Suspected Prowler in northeast Reno
Suspected Prowler in northeast Reno('Anna')
Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 6:44 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) A prowler continues to stalk a northeast Reno neighborhood, getting bolder, putting residents on guard and on edge.

It began two weeks ago with reports of a man peering through the bedroom windows of two teenage girls. In one instance, instead of fleeing when seen, he moved closer, motioning the girl to remain quiet. Instead, she slammed the window shut and screamed for her mother.

The girls described, and the police sketches they produced show the same tall, thin man.

Sightings have continued sporadically in the same neighborhood since, some caught on a backyard security camera. The intruder seen in the video is well aware of its presence. He even tried to put it out of business by dumping a bucket of water on it. The camera and the sightings continue. In some videos, he repeatedly visited the back windows of one home, trying to cut the screen.

As you might imagine, it has rattled the people living there.

“None of us are getting any sleep,” says one woman. “We’ve been up all night. We have children. We have families that we take care of.”

“I actually haven’t slept for about three days now,“ says Michael Spell. “I’m just kind of staking out and watching the neighborhood.”

Two nights ago, that sleeplessness almost paid off. Spell watched as a man peered into a neighbor’s home with a flashlight.

“We saw the gentleman flash the light in the bathroom, then move down to the bedroom and then back down, check the door, went inside. Luckily she wasn’t home.“

He called police, but the intruder had fled by the time officers arrived.

He remains unidentified and at large. People in the neighborhood aren’t relaxing.

“It seems to be increasing,” says Spell. “It went from looking into windows. Now we’re entering into homes.”

“It’s not safe anymore,” adds Anna. “We haven’t been sleeping at all.”

Secret Witness has posted a $750 reward for information leading to the prowler’s arrest and prosecution. Their number is (775) 322-4900. Callers may remain anonymous while collecting cash rewards.

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