Prowler stalking northeast neighborhood

Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 6:26 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - “We’re scared. It’s hard to sleep.”

Jamie N. is worried and a little shaken.

She has reason to be rattled. Late one night a little over a week ago her 18-year-old daughter was in her bedroom at a northeast Reno apartment complex. It was hot. She was in her underwear. The window was open, and her cat had jumped outside.

Suddenly she saw a man staring at her. “She saw him,” Jamie says. “They caught eyes and he did approach her in her face. She slammed the window and he motioned her to be quiet.”

She screamed for her mother. Jamie came running, but the man had disappeared.

Police were called. There was no clear view of him on the complex’s security video, but, Jamie says, police told her a family living three blocks away had had the same unsettling experience.

“The night before they had the same thing happen. An 18-year-old girl. There was the same man at her window.”

The two girls met separately with a police sketch artist and the results appear to be the same man, perhaps 6′2″, in his mid to late 20′s, clean shaven. He remains unidentified and police say there have been no further reports. But the experience has left the family rattled and on guard.

“She’s terrified,” Jamie says of her daughter. “She can’t get his face out of her head. She was very scared and the rest of our family is scared. I know the other girl hasn’t been able to sleep in her bedroom since then. I just want the neighborhood to know.”

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