Local fire stations report low rate of fireworks being turned in

People can surrender fireworks at local fire agencies with no questions asked but people aren't doing that. All fireworks are illegal in Northern Nevada.
Published: Jun. 30, 2022 at 3:11 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Reno Fire Marshal Tray Palmer shows us illegal fireworks he’s confiscated over the years.

A bundle of small smoke balls was in the backpack of a child who started a small brush fire on Rattlesnake Mountain.

“A lot of these fireworks look like toys,” says Palmer. “A little smoke ball doesn’t look too harmless. But the kid lit the smoke ball it lit some cheatgrass and that fire took off,” he says.

Palmer says while the packaging and even the fireworks themselves have kid-like colorful, almost harmless packaging--that’s the idea; they do also contain warnings as to what the firework will do once lit.

“Even fireworks that are considered harmless like sparklers… a lot of people don’t realize sparklers can reach temperatures of 1800 degrees,” he says.

With the drought, vegetation is bone dry. All it takes is one spark. The fire can grow quicker than one person can handle.

“We’ll see the person that started the fire with the fireworks,” says Palmer of firemen arriving on the scene of a fire. “They didn’t anticipate the fire from the start. They will try to put the fire out. But it is too late at that point,” he says.

Besides the property loss, there can also be loss of limb or life.

A customer may buy fireworks that aren’t necessarily regulated--perhaps out of state. The fuses or the fireworks themselves may not be as advertised, burns to skin or worse can be the result.

If the criminal or civil ramifications of illegal fireworks aren’t enough--culprits will be charged firefighting costs which can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars; perhaps the simple route of turning in the fireworks between now and the Fourth of July is more appealing.

Palmer has concerns as to this point there’s been nothing turned in, and he hopes it’s not because locals are keeping the fireworks; anticipating shooting them off on Monday night.

Fireworks can be turned in with no questions asked at any fire station in Northern Nevada.

Palmer says fire crews in the area will be out in full force on the Fourth of July.

Palmer says northern Nevadans can head to the following locations to enjoy legal fireworks.

Reno: Grand Sierra Resort 9:15, Wingfield Park 10 pm, Greater Nevada Field after the game.

Sparks: Star Spangled Sparks Victorian Square 10 pm

Carson City: Mills Park

Fernley: Out of Town Park

Virginia City: C Street

Fallon: Rattlesnake Raceway 10 am

Truckee: $6 West End Beach Donner Lake

Lake Tahoe: Tahoe City 8 pm, Kings Beach 9:30 pm, Incline Village Crystal Bay, South Lake Tahoe 9:45pm

July 3: The Resort at Squaw Creek 9:00-9:30 pm

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