The Drip of Drey

Published: Jun. 28, 2022 at 2:56 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Let’s call it ‘The Drip of Drey.’

“It does give me some exposure in a way,” said Reno Aces pitcher Drey Jameson of his extensive shoe collection.

Jameson’s shoe obsession goes all the way back to seventh grade. A pair his mom bought him turned into coasting through Craigslist for the next great come-up, and ultimately flipping some for a profit to help him get through college.

Now the hurler uses his creativity with his footwear and his pitching sequences to navigate through lineups. Jameson found a custom designer on Instagram in 2020 who helps bring his ideas to life.

KOLO 8′s Kurt Schroeder: “There was a pair I saw online and I’ll call them the Drey Jameson COVID 1′s because they had the Hillsboro Hops on one transitioning into the Amarillo Sod Poodles on another. When you get some of these custom designs back what emotions do you get and how does it elevate your play?”

Drey Jameson: “Did that cleat for my last start of the year. I started in Hillsboro, ended in Amarillo. It’s a cleat I wanted to put up because it was the COVID year - a crazy year like you said - and I played in two levels. It was a good year. It’s a year I’ll probably never forget.”

Schroeder: “Is it cool to just have these memories? You have them, you compete in them, they look cool but at the same time maybe when you retire you look back and say ‘I remember these cleats for this time and it’s just a timeline of your career?”

Jameson: “Honestly, yeah because if there are guys who wear just plain white cleats and they can put those cleats up and in 20 years they don’t even know if that was from high school, college, the pros, no one knows. With me doing this I can say ‘dang I wore those back in 2020, or 21, or 22 and so forth so it does mark years.”

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