Time to build an evacuation pack and plan for your pet

Tips on creating evacuation bags for your pets.
Published: Jun. 9, 2022 at 4:51 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Michelle Danielson says now that school is out, it might be a fun activity to put together an evacuation kit for the family pet.

Small children may not fully understand the possibilities when it comes to an emergency. But pictures and video from the Caldor Fire last summer remind us we could be asked to evacuate our homes at any time.

We’ll need to take our pets.

“Get your kids involved,” says Danielson co-founder of the Pet Evac Pak. “Let them help you build that pack. They are helping save the family pet. What a great thing to do this summer,” she says.

Danielson says while the Pet Evac Pak has all items a pet owner will need, including water and food that can be stored for up to five years, there is nothing to prevent pet owners from making their own evacuation kits.

Find a backpack, piece of luggage or a gym bag.

Essentials include water and food and prescription drugs for the animal that will last five days. Be sure to include a pet dish or dishes. A slip lead, first aid supplies should your dog or cat get injured. An LED light on the collar, a blanket and toy. Don’t forget extra bags to pick up after the family dog.

A cat pack would have all the same items, but additional materials include a litter box, litter, and scoop.

Then there are items that might not come to mind but are still important.

“If you have to board your pet, you’ll need the shot records,” says Danielson. “So, make sure you have a copy of the shot records,” she says Danielson says have an escape plan.

And then a plan on where you will go. Does the destination accept animals? Some evacuation centers will not take them.

Is the pet microchipped?

Work out the logistics now with a cool head and time on your side--as opposed to a stress-filled situation where time is of the essence.

Then when the pack is assembled, Pet Evac Pak wants to hear from those who have assembled the packs. Send pictures or videos including those with the family pet.

Send them to #PETGOBACKCHALLENGE. Pet Evac Pak is offering prizes like first aid kits and even entire Pet Evac Paks to participants.


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