Orphan foal rescued near Washoe Lake State Park

Published: May. 20, 2022 at 4:28 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The little colt seems very interested in our camera. Less than two months old, you can’t blame him he’s never seen one before.

He was born in the Washoe Lake area, in a herd that calls that place home. Then on the night of May 5, 2022 his mother was struck and killed by a car on East Lake Boulevard.

Shannon Hill with Wild Horse Connection responded to the call and noticed the little colt.

“And these little eyes popped out from behind the sage brush, and he was next to his momma,” says Hill. “And so, then I called and said it had changed to an orphan foal call,” she says.

The colt was brought to LBL Equine in Silver Springs.

A little colt Ranger is staying here as well, he was abandoned by his Virginia Range herd and like Braveheart is being taken care of by volunteers around the clock.

“They need to be fed every couple of hours,” says Tracy Wilson, a volunteer with Wild Horse Connection. “They are too young to be fed a couple of times a day. So, they are getting their milk replacements every two hours. They often come in we get them on some supplements, and medication to make sure that transition doesn’t cause any problems with the stress. They also need exercise and interaction, so they learn how to be horses and not be lap animals,” she says.

Wilson says WHC is always looking for volunteers as well as donations to keep the horses healthy.

While Ranger is up for adoption, it’s a different story for Braveheart, his rescuer Shannon says her decision was almost instantaneous.

“He’ll just kind of grow up til he gets old enough to train and go under saddle. And then he will be just for fun trail riding in Washoe Park,” she says.

The information on Wild Horse Connection is just below this story.

In the meantime traveling on East Lake Boulevard, especially at night, watch out for wild horses.

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