Reno families worried about formula shortage

Published: May. 11, 2022 at 5:28 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - For Kellsie Adney, finding baby formula is a daily struggle.

“I’ve been to both of the Targets in town, the Walmarts, the Smith’s and it’s just really hard to find,” Adney said.

She has two sons and her nine-month-old has a milk allergy.

“When we finally found something that worked for him, we couldn’t find that one anywhere,” Adney said.

The lack of formula is a result of a recall and supply chain issues that have plagued the industry since February.

While many recommend breastfeeding, for mothers like Adney it’s just not an option.

“I mean I couldn’t do it, there was no way. Not to mention my baby eats too much. I don’t think I could produce that much,” she said.

Adney feels lucky that friends and family keep an eye out for her at grocery stores. As soon as they see a can, she’s on her way.

“It’s like pick up and go to the store, we are on our way in minutes because it will sell out.”

WIC says they often send people to pediatricians. But they only have samples, not enough to get a family by for any length of time.

“You can see it on his doctor’s face too, its got to be a lot of moms coming in there saying they can’t find formula for their kids,” Adney said.

If you’re struggling to find formula, it can be tempting to water down what you have or try to make your own. But WIC says it’s just not safe.

“When you’re making it yourself not only are you risking getting those ratios off, or excluding a really important micronutrient, it’s also a risk for more foodborne illness,” Health District WIC Supervisor Kelcie Atkin said.

Adney says at this point, all we can do is come together and support each other. It’s as simple as keeping an eye out while you’re shopping.

“[Give] moms the heads up that you saw their formula somewhere,” she says.

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