Renown artist Fred Boyce dies after a century

Northern Nevada artist Fred Boyce died at 100 years old.
Published: Apr. 28, 2022 at 4:44 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Northern Nevada artist Fred Boyce once declared about his work, “If my art resonated spiritually with anybody, I did something right. I really did.”

Every day, until he reached 100, he would spend hours with his paints, and easel. Working out what he saw in nature and translating it to the canvas.

“My easel is always beckoning me,” he said.

He took pictures and then saved them. And then one day would take the best tree, open space, or animal and create a painting that would scream Nevada.

He wasn’t from here. He moved from back east in 1972 and never looked back.

“Lately I’ve found my inspiration along the Truckee River,” he said back in 2014.

He would win awards for his ducks, geese, and trout. His work would often appear on “Field and Stream.” While the accolades were great, sitting here alone in his studio, in his own open space of Nevada desert or mountain range was really all he needed.

“There was always plenty of sources for me being out there and doing what I like to do,” he said of inspirations throughout the state.

He was confident but never conceited. That’s because he knew there was always something new to learn.

At his own art shows, either at his home or later at public venues, he was happy to have a following.

“I’m glad they come, if they didn’t come it would be similar to a very good orchestra playing with no crowd,” he said at one of his shows.

But as time went on he would have to travel farther from his home for inspiration.

“‘Out of the Morning Mist’ the subject is right in back of my house,” he said of one painting. “And now that is a golf course and homes.”

As he turned 100 years old, he started to finally slow down...not his choice of course. But in our last conversation he could still point out the aspects of lighting and color, and what made his paintings exceptional.

Exceptional. He would use the same word to describe his adopted home, Nevada.

“Nevada is an exceptional and beautiful place,” he would often say.

Fred Boyce was 100 years old.

He probably would wish for us to see Nevada as he did.

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