‘In broad daylight’: Carson City detectives identify suspect in gas theft

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Published: Mar. 18, 2022 at 10:08 PM PDT
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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - Gas prices are draining many wallets these days, and in Northern Nevada thieves are starting to drain gas from cars.

On Saint Patrick’s Day, two suspects drilled a hole in the gas tank of a victim’s van, as they were inside the vehicle in the Lowe’s parking lot in Carson City.

“We believe that the vehicle was occupied,” said Sheriff Ken Furlong. “The owner of the vehicle was able to provide descriptions of vehicles in occupance.”

According to the report, the suspects drained the gas into a bucket and took off in two different vehicles.

Thanks to the victim’s description and surveillance video, investigators believe they have identified one of the suspects.

“Although we have not had direct communication, direct contact, we believe he’s out of California and probably did this to get fuel, to get out of the area,” said Furlong.

For the last two weeks, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office has been talking about the impact of fuel prices, including the increase in these types of thefts.

However, they did not expect it would happen during the day.

“The brassiness of this activity is what’s shocking here,” said Furlong. “Just in broad daylight, people all over and around a well-visited store. It just tells you we all need to stay vigilant.”

He said it’s likely this has occurred in other places but just hasn’t been reported.

Mechanics say repairing these damages can cost thousands of dollars. First, you should call the police and then your insurance company.

“The strongest suggestion is if you see something that’s suspicious, call 911,” said Furlong. “Let the officers get into the area and start their investigation there, please don’t endanger yourself and confront anyone.”

Other advice includes not parking your car in dark areas overnight and being on guard for the smell of gas when approaching your vehicle or for a puddle on the ground near the gas tank.

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