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Published: Mar. 4, 2022 at 9:56 AM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The Pub N’ Sub has now been in business for 47 years, becoming a part of the university experience for Nevada students.

“Location’s important, and we just happened to choose the right spot,” said owner Steve Mathers. “There was no good place around the university to eat or for students to have a good time.”

So he designed a menu catered to college kids, opening it up in December of 1974, on Friday the 13th!

“We were trying to get it open on Thursday, but the inspector didn’t show up in time,” joked Mathers.

What could have been a bad omen has become a popular hangout, serving up pizza, burgers and sandwiches. And something else, that was unique in the 1980s.

“We were the first place in Reno that did chicken wings,” exclaimed Mathers. “Back in those days, butchers use to throw chicken wings away. And now chicken wings are more expensive than chicken breasts.”

Their specialty is the subs in Pub N’ Sub. Like the Italian combo, their most popular sandwich. It has prosciutto, ham, capicola, Italian salami and pepperoni. And here’s a tip, order the half. It’s nine inches.

The Italian Combo sub at Pub N' Sub in Reno.
The Italian Combo sub at Pub N' Sub in Reno.(kolo)

“We’re probably the only place in the free world where a half is 3/4ths of the whole,” joked Mathers.

They are also known for their pizzas, made with homemade dough and sauce. The Italian combo is another favorite, with pepperoni, olives, mushrooms and yellow onions. With an additional special, spicy topping.

The Italian Combo pizza at Pub N' Sub in Reno.
The Italian Combo pizza at Pub N' Sub in Reno.(kolo)

“The sausage we get was actually developed from this recipe from a German guy from the Sausage Factory eons ago,” explained Mathers.

One of the things that makes the Pub N’ Sub so popular is the family atmosphere, where most of the employees have been there for years.

“Mark worked for us for 16-17 years many years ago, and he came back to help,” said Mathers. “And I have a couple of sons working here, Jason and Tyler. And Mike there in the kitchen, and we have three brothers all from Winnemucca. Dalton, Weston and Colton. And a lot of the old people who worked here for years, there’s Mari. So many, it’s hard to mention them all.”

The familiarity goes beyond the staff, with customers long since graduated still dropping by for a bite to eat.

“You know, sometimes we’ll get three generations that show up at the counter,” added Mathers. “Those kind of experiences are just what I live for. And what I think makes the Pub N Sub so great.”

The Pub N’ Sub also has a beer garden out back, with heaters that make it usable all year round.

It’s located at 1000 Ralston Street, on the corner of Tenth Street. It’s open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day. You can check out the menu by clicking the link below.

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