‘Gas for Goodness’ helps local charities

Published: Feb. 25, 2022 at 4:02 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - No doubt about it, there’s pain at the pump.

But at Sierra Car Care they are trying to make the best out of the situation. Since 1990 the company has donated one cent of every gallon sold at their stations to local charities.

It’s called Gas for Goodness. And so far, more than 300 non-profits have benefitted.

“A lot of charities that we get to know of other ones and they tell them about it,” says Robert Wolter manager of the Sierra Car Care on West Plumb Lane. “And that’s how we get a new charity,” he says.

Wolter admits the program is not widely known, however. As a matter of fact, Sierra Car Care has gone back to prior recipients to give a repeat donation.

Ashley Greenhalgh says Farmily Organic Farms received a $1,000 dollar check from the program. The group says you might be surprised what happens when kids work in soil.

“The garden is a perfect environment for children to learn social-emotional skills such as teamwork goal setting problem-solving. empathy, and learning life-long habits,” says Greenhalgh.

Greenhalgh says the money will go to a pizza oven so kids can better understand the farm-to-table concept. Gas for Goodness makes sure the non-profit is local, and that the money will stay local.

The funds collected on all Wednesday sales are matched by Fleet Solutions.

The recipients’ names are posted at the stations to let people know about the organizations.

Asked if such a program helps the price of gas go down a little better?

“Not at all,” says Sam Garner. “But I mean at least there is something that a high price goes to at some point.”

Think of it this way, Sierra Car Care offers free full-service fueling. It means they will fill your tank, check the fluid levels, and wash the windows at no charge. Do it on Wednesday and a portion of your sales will go to local charities.

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