Cotton Candy Christmas

Published: Dec. 22, 2021 at 2:57 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - “It’s really magical, it’s really beautiful,” says Ashley Schindler.

With a description like that, who wouldn’t want to work with cotton candy?

Schindler hopes her love of the spun sugar translates into a viable business called the Sierra Sugar Company where she can treat young and old alike to not just the traditional vanilla flavored cotton candy, but dozens and dozens of other taste sensations like holiday nutmeg.

“So much more can be done with it,” says Schindler. “I’ve done, this Christmas brandied orange, gingerbread, and candy cane with peppermint and white chocolate,” she says.

Formerly trained in the culinary arts, Schindler says she learned to love cotton candy while working in New York at a restaurant which specialized in molecular gastronomy. The restaurant didn’t much use the machine that spins the regular sugar into thousands of finely spun strands which resemble cotton or if you prefer billowy clouds.

She decided to take on the treat full time--working parties, wedding receptions, baby showers, quinceaneras and other events.

She’s warmly received she says because the candy brings back memories or creates new ones with sugar and flavoring she says which are all organic.

While a pile of white candy may look like the finished product, she insists on lightly spraying it with water and follows by seasoned sprinkles which remain on top of cotton candy until touched by the lip and melted in the mouth.

“All I know for sure is that it instantly melts the sugar,” Schindler says of the process. “And sends it out in these tiny strands. Almost seems to appear out of nowhere. And I’ve watched it a hundred thousand times I don’t know how it really works,” she says.

The end result however...well, some would describe it as “Christmas on a Stick.”

Ashley Schindler: 775-600-7601

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