CoAuto will hand car over to local Veteran December 30

Published: Dec. 21, 2021 at 4:52 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Mechanics are busy under the hood of this 2006 Toyota RAV four, four wheel drive. The car has been here at CoAuto for a couple of years now as the former owners did not want to replace the engine.

But with the annual Veteran car giveaway at the shop, this car seemed like a great choice.

“This is great for winter conditions,” says CoAuto Owner Vinnie Lucido. “It’s got some good tires on it, and it is 4 wheel drive. Good gas mileage. On this vehicle seats a family so, so if it goes to a Veteran’s family you know it can seat up to 5 people that’s really important as well,” he says..

Lucido says this car may need a little more work than cars in years past. His mechanics will replace the motor with a used engine with fewer miles. But, considering the pluses the used car will still be just what a worthy Veteran needs. Which is the idea behind this program.

“Nation’s Finest” selects the Veteran and works with CoAuto to keep the surprise under wraps.

In the past we’ve been there to show the shock on a Veteran’s face when he or she gets the keys to a car they sorely need. They may have children who need to get to school. They need to get to the grocery store. And most likely they need to get to work. All is now possible without having to depend on anyone to help make those trips.

“And just anything leisurely they want to do,” says James Cole, CoAuto Lead Service Advisor. “They could go up to the mountains, you know having a car is the ultimate sign of independence and freedom,” he says.

This will be James’ first time to witness the big giveaway which is now tradition here at CoAuto. For some mechanics here it will be a first time event for them as well.

But they don’t have time to think about that right now. For the next week, they will have their heads down under the hood, making sure this car is in the best shape it can be for a Veteran who will more than appreciate the ride.

We’ll take you back to CoAuto on December 30 to get the reaction and response from the Veteran who for now has no idea what life changing gift awaits him.

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