Customers and staff survive busiest day of the year at DMV

Published: Nov. 29, 2021 at 4:01 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - “Does anyone have an appointment? Asked the DMV security guard.

It was perhaps the best question of today at the DMV. An appointment meant customers didn’t have to wait in a long line. Instead, they waited inside the DMV building.

Kalee Duby says her boyfriend had such an appointment which allowed her to set one for herself.

“It is not busy inside at all,” said Duby. “Outside there are lines, lots of lines; lines and people sitting to wait,” she said.

It is the busiest day at the DMV.

This was Taylor Cook’s only day off from work so, she took a chance. Without an appointment the wait in line was only 45 minutes for her.

“Really great experience for the DMV probably the best DMV experience I’ve had for this new DMV here,” said Cook. “I’ve only been here once before, but even the atmosphere in here is so nice,” she said. Typically customers use this day to make last minute transactions. Those transactions which need to be made in person.

But that’s a bad idea says Brett Fischer with the DMV.

“It is absolutely the busiest day of the year for us,” says Fisher

In these days of COVID Fisher says it’s best to make an appointment for business which needs to be conducted in person. The system has been in place for a while and allows customers to avoid the long lines.

But with such a system it also means the customer can’t necessarily wait until the last minute to make a transaction in person.

In Carson City last week, the DMV was taking no walk-ins. To add to the mix, the appointments scheduled now are made for a couple of weeks down the road.

That could change provided the person on the schedule who can’t make his or her appointment lets the DMV know. That way the next customer looking for a scheduled date can take the spot.

All of the day’s activities should remind customers if a transaction can be done on-line or at a kiosk, it should be done that way.

For business that must be done in person appointments should be made well ahead of time to prevent missed deadlines or late fees.

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