Nevada Air National Guard deployed over the holidays

Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 4:50 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - A Thanksgiving to be savored tomorrow for many Nevada Air National Guardsmen and women. On Wednesday they will leave Northern Nevada on a mission which will take them away from family and friends for the remaining holidays.

“Christmas oversees is a little different,” says Captain Megan Curry. But I am really with my favorite people. My work family. So, they make it spirited. We have dinner together. We exchange gifts,” she says.

Captain Curry knows all too well what it’s like to spend the holidays far away from family and friends. Back in 2018 she was part of a Nevada Air National Guard group sent away to Africa for the holidays and beyond.

As an instructor navigator she helps the pilot get the plane and crew to the final destination.

This summer she was part of firefighting efforts hoping to make a dent in what would be one of the worst fire seasons on record.

“We flew over 300 sorties and dropped over 8-Million pounds of retardant,” she says.

80% of the Air National Guard here works for a civilian employer. Those employers know the guardsmen or woman may be called away for weeks or months at a time.

Major Pat Sargent is a pilot and works for a commercial airline. He says the company has been great about time taken for the guard; and understands the mission at hand.

Family too accepts the Major’s commitment. But it’s a tough pill to swallow especially as the deployment happens over the holidays.

“And they support me because they know how important is to me,” says Major Sargent. “They will be with me. We get to spend Thanksgiving with me, which will be nice. It will be a difficult Christmas. But like said there will be a lot of great people over there,” he says.

The guard would not tell us the exact number of guardsmen deployed or the exact location because of security reasons. But they do say approximately 100 personnel are headed to their destination and it will take several days to get there.

Upon arrival they will be greeted by active-duty military.

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