Nevada Legislature starts redistricting procedure

Nevada Legislature
Nevada Legislature(Gurajpal Sangha)
Published: Nov. 12, 2021 at 7:15 PM PST
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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) -Nevada lawmakers are in special session in Carson City drawing up re-districting maps.

Decisions made this session will have an impact on who is a representative in both the Nevada Legislature‘s senate and assembly.

There are fewer Republicans in the legislature. They are concerned the newly drawn districts will keep them in the minority.

“We can’t even reach out in our rules just passed,” said Assembly Minority Leader Robin Titus. “That we as Republicans who want to submit a bill that is more I feel fair to what the representation is in our state. We are not allowed to get the LCB (Legislative Counsel Bureau) top draft a bill for us so we can submit our own maps. It is just not right "

Despite Titus’ concerns, the Assembly voted to set up a select committee to look at and decide upon redistricted maps submitted for consideration. Speaker Jason Frierson said on the assembly floor he understood Titus’ objections; however, this is the way restricting was done ten years ago, and later approved again by the legislature in 2000-15.

On the Senate side a similar situation where a select committee will consider the same maps. Public testimony will be taken at both committee hearings over the weekend. Once a bill is passed in one committee it will go to the floor of each house for a vote and be passed to the other house if approved.

While some lawmakers say the process should take three days, other have speculated five days.

Keep in mind the approved map will be in place for 10 years. Democrats have the majority and it would be no surprise if they try to keep that majority

“The problem here is that you can get too carried away and it will end up in the courts you could lose,” said Truckee Meadows Community College Political Science Professor Fred Lokken. “In which case it will be determined by a court master. This is the balancing act, because the Democrats have all the control and they have to Besides Assembly and State Senate seats, congressional districts and boundaries for university regents will also be drawn up.

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