Students thank Veterans in their own way

Published: Nov. 11, 2021 at 4:29 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Chances are few of these fourth graders even know a Veteran. But for Kris Culpepper he’s very close to home.

“It’s my pop pop. He was in the Air Force,” says Kris.

Last week’s assignment to take the word Veteran and use the letters to describe a Veteran was simple for Kris. His classmates say it was the same for them.

“They provide freedom to all other people,” says Abby Hamand, a 4th grader in Kris’ class. “Like they are epic, and that they are really nice, and that they are very helpful,” says Ashleen Kaur, another 4th grader in Kris’ class.

But it wasn’t just the fourth graders at Mt. Rose elementary who created messages for those at the Veterans Hospital, the leadership class here made posters which are clearly displayed in the hospital’s pharmacy lobby.

“I have encountered Veterans outside of school and I think it is important to recognize their service,” says Kaitlyn Lehigh. “Because our Veterans put a lot into our country. We wouldn’t be a country if it weren’t for them,” add Anthony Angelopolus another leadership student.

The cards were distributed throughout the hospital to Veterans who could not get out on this special day. Veteran Jerry Howard says the cards moved him to tears. Local students thanking him for his service is almost unimaginable.

“When I went to Vietnam, they didn’t treat you very good and stuff like that,” says Howard. “And to come back and see people that do, it really says a lot,” he says.

The children may never know just how appreciative the Veterans are for the cards and well wishes. The kids would probably say it does not compare to the appreciation they feel for the Veteran’s service.

The Veterans Hospital says while the Veterans love to receive cards and letter from the community, they ask organizers to contact community affairs at the hospital.

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