Nevadans asked to participate in the “Nevada Speed Test”

Published: Nov. 9, 2021 at 2:35 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -“Here we have it, a case in point,” says Don Vetter as he looks at a computer screen. “We have a rural area in red,” he says as he points to dots.

Vetter is with Western Nevada Development District. The computer screen shows a newly developed but incomplete look at broadband in Nevada. Dots represent the access of broadband, all the way to its speed and connectivity in Nevada.

The information is provided by Nevadans themselves who have so far participated in the “Nevada Speed Test.”

“We know what is available, but what is happening in the home or the business,” says Vetter. “That is what the Nevada Speed Test is all about,” he says.

The test is anonymous and offered on-line to any Nevadan who wants to help track broadband in our state.

Vetter says while there is an idea of the access and quality of broadband in our state, there is no complete census of what’s available out there. No doubt he says improvement need to be made because frankly he says broadband impacts all aspects of our lives.

“It permeates every part of our society now. You need it in order to be competitive. You need it in order to be healthy and educated,” says Vetter.

Vetter says the “Nevada Speed Test” will go on for a year. He’d like Nevadans to take the test more than once as broadband quality can change.

Data collected will allow grants to be written accurately so funding can head to Nevada where residents can see first-hand how the infrastructure bill impacts their everyday life and homes.

Nevada isn’t the only state vying for a piece of the 65-Billion dollar pie. So are other states, and places like Washington and Maine are way ahead of the game.

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