Avoid sugary drinks to avoid your risk of Diabetes

Published: Nov. 4, 2021 at 7:39 AM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - November is National Diabetes Month, a good reminder to look at your diet and adjust it to lower your risk of diabetes.

Barbara Cox at ABC Nutrition says the very first thing she looks at when helping her clients is what they drink.

“When someone is drinking a liquid, it doesn’t require very much digestion,” said Cox. “And it’ll go right into your bloodstream and into your system. If it’s sweetened with sugar, it’ll jack your blood sugar up pretty quickly and in conjunction with that, your pancreas will put out insulin and it’ll elevate the insulin level.”

Drinks she says to avoid include juice, soda, lemonade, and sweet coffee. For those who like their coffee sweet, she recommends trying artificial sweetener.

After looking at what her clients drink, Cox will look into eating and activity patterns, the frequency they eat, and food choices. She says one of the signs to keep an eye out before seeing a nutritionist is sudden weight gain.

“If they’ve gained weight recently and they’re concerned about weight gain, I think going to a dietitian nutritionist is a good idea, to look at that first. However, if there are some extreme signs and symptoms, like excessive thirst, excessive hunger or recent rapid weight loss, then it’s possible that they need to see their doctor first.”

Cox also suggested eating all your macro nutrients at the same time, which means eating your protein, fats, and carbs in one meal.

“I’m not a fan of many of the restrictive diets that cut out one of the major nutrients,” said Cox. “One of the most popular ones are the low carb diets where they cut out the carbs. That’s not a good idea. Our body needs carbohydrate for energy in blood sugar in our brain.”

She says it’s better to make small habit changes that you can live with forever, rather then going on an off an on diet.

Everyone is different, so if you’re interested in a personalized nutrition evaluation you can reach out to Barbara Cox at ABC Nutrition. You can make an appointment here.

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