SudShare now in Reno

Published: Oct. 27, 2021 at 5:38 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -

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Load clothes, add soap, a little booster, set the size and time, and wait for the laundry to come clean. Then wait for the load to dry. For many it’s a weekly chore they would just prefer not having to do.

Well now, they may not have to.

An advertisement for Sudshare shows people placing their laundry out for someone else to take care of the chore. The service began in 2015 in Baltimore. It’s been in Reno for about a year.

It can best be described as an “Uber-type” service where private contractors pickup, clean, dry, and return residential laundry.

“It turns out my wife wasn’t the only one who liked it, cause we are now in 400 cities nationwide,” says Mort Fertel, founder of Sudshare.

Fertel says his son helped design an easy system which hands over the task of laundry to someone else. The App helps connect the two parties as well as appointments, and payment.

Those who clean the laundry are screened, must pass a test, and use SudShare approved products. Sudsters as they are called select which laundry loads they can handle, as many or as few per week. Paid by the pound, the tips may make it worth their while.

“The job was for 80 bucks, and I made $140 off of that,” says Akeela Allen, a Sudster in Reno. “So that was pretty awesome for me just for one day,” she says.

The Sudshare App is available on most major APP stores. That App covers not only the service, but those who would like to become Sudsters and enter the world of wash, rinse, dry, repeat.