Unplanned pregnancy resources in Nevada

The importance of options and the access these resources
Published: Oct. 18, 2021 at 9:14 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -Today the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to reverse Texas SB8, which bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

Here in Nevada, under the state’s revised statues, termination is legal under 24 weeks since fertilization and after 24 weeks only if a physician deems the pregnancy to be a threat to a woman’s health.

Ultimately having many options behind an unplanned pregnancy is a big help in deciding what is right for you, even more so the access to these options.

Up until June of this year, Nevada was one of five states that did not have an abortion fund.

Wild West Access fund helps provide termination care and connects those to resources following their procedure.

“In reality, most Americans don’t have $600-800 in their savings account, but they’re ready to give if they had an unplanned pregnancy and it can happen to truly anyone,” said Maureen Scott, Wild West Access Fund Secretary. “Especially with COVID, we’ve seen so many gaps where people couldn’t access Plan B and now they’re pregnant. There’s so many reasons why people go through an unplanned pregnancy.”

At Living Grace Homes, the organization has opened its door for young expecting mothers in need of support services once they give birth.

It’s an option for young women who might either be at risk for homelessness or may not be able to financially provide for their newborn.

“The vast majority of moms that come to us are below the 50th percentile in income,” explained Kathleen Miller, Living Grace Homes executive director. “Many of them have zero income when they come to us, they don’t have a job or any other means of income.”

And the financial means has proven to be a challenge for what many low income families can afford when it comes to making a final decision long term.

“What I’ve noticed is the difference in what pledge we can make and what money we can contribute often makes a difference in whether they can afford rent for the rest of the month, groceries, child care and basic necessities that they need to get by which is why abortion funds are more important right now,” added Carla Ramazan, co-founder of Wild West Access Fund.

While the option of adoption is also on the table, the accessibility to these options, gives the power and freedom to determine what you think is best for you...

“The purpose of having the pregnancy centers and Living Grace Homes and the 400+ maternity homes across the country is if you choose to life for your unborn child, you will have a roof over your head, you will have access to diapers and formula,” said Miller. “You will have assistance in finishing school. You will have assistance in finding a job.”

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