Rental assistance still available for rural Nevadans

Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 7:52 PM PDT
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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) -Emergency rental and utility assistance funding is still available for rural Nevadans.

Bill Brewer, the executive director of the Nevada Rural Housing Authority (NRHA) said getting the word out has been a challenge and rural communities have not been hit as hard as urban areas.

“We’ve been very consistent for the last 3 months in terms of volume which would reflect the post moratorium period, we’re running about $275 to 300,000 a month in assistance and it sounds like whole lot,” explained Brewer. “It’s about 40 to 45 unique households each month and it’s not the same house holds, so we’re still seeing some demand but not the same we’re hearing about in Clark county.”

Rural Nevada has received $14 million in federal funds from the government’s Emergency Assistance Program.

If landlords are in need of help, the Nevada Rural Housing Authority will work with their renters.

“Because of the way the assistance is structured from the federal government, landlords are not able to access it directly but they can initiate the process and it would go through the same channels,” said Brewer. “Ultimately, we have to work with the tenant to get the payment done.”

And renters looking for assistance may quality if they are low income and were impacted by Covid-19.

Aid can cover anywhere from late fees, utilities, security deposits, even internet fees and more.

“We encourage people to apply,” added Brewer. “We can help them work with the landlords, payment goes directly to the landlord and we want to see them made whole so they continue to provide the housing, so assistance is available and will be for some time.”

To see what options are available for you, click here.

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