100 Afghan Nationals to relocate to Northern Nevada

Published: Sep. 22, 2021 at 5:02 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Many Afghanistan Nationals left their country last month and are now being housed in a military base. There are tens of thousands of them who are waiting to be relocated in the United States. One of those places will be Northern Nevada.

That’s why the Northern Nevada International Center has been put on standby in anticipation of greeting 100 Afghan refugees to our area.

“We have been putting the back system in place for the last five years because we’ve been settling refugees from Afghanistan, from Syria and the Congo,” says Carina Alejandra Black, Executive Director with the Northern Nevada International Center. “So, we have a basic system in place. We just haven’t had this ramp up before. We haven’t had this amount of clients that we are expecting,” says Black.

Black says their center is one in a network geared towards, among other things, relocating refugees.

It’s a big task because it means all pieces must be in place when individuals arrive. Housing, food, clothing, job, school, medical care must all be available before they get here. Perhaps the biggest challenge at this time is housing in our area because of the shortage and cost.

“We are desperately looking for apartment managers and landlords who will have a partnership with us because refugees are excellent renters,” says Black. Black seems unfazed by the challenge.

She says for the most part there’s been nothing but support in our area for their mission. She doesn’t expect the Afghanistan nationals to arrive here for a couple of months and it won’t be all at once.

That’s because of processing by the U.S. Government. But she says when they do get here, her agency will be ready.

Black says she’s had more then 250-inquiries from local residents on how they can help the link is below.

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