Emergency responders and physicians plea to the unvaccinated

Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 1:54 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - “You are making choices for other people,” says Dr. Jenny Wilson of those who can, but will not get the COVID vaccine. “And that is not fair. And that is why we wrote the letter,” she says.

Dr. Wilson is director of St. Mary’s Emergency Department. She along with other emergency room physicians and nurses in Northern Nevada, as well as pre-hospital care providers like paramedics and firemen as well as other medical personnel are all behind this letter sent to Northern Nevadans.

The letter makes a plea to those who are not vaccinated against COVID to do so now.

The letter states: “...widespread vaccination is our community’s best chance to gain control of this pandemic; possibly our only chance.” The letter goes on to talk about the facts: Vaccinated people are less likely to get infected, less likely to be hospitalized, and less likely to die of COVID. Prior infection, the letter says, does not build up the antibodies the vaccine does, nor do those antibodies last as long as those produced by the vaccine.

“It puts a little bit of “messenger RNA” in your body,” she says of the vaccine. “Your body takes that as a little template and it makes a spike protein. And it produces inert, harmless spike protein. So that your body recognizes, there’s a spike protein, it is foreign. I am going to make antibodies to it,” says Dr. Wilson.

Dr. Wilson says because not enough people are vaccinated the virus has been able to mutate. “...and it has dozens of times states the letter.’s goal, the letter goes on to say, is to survive, and so far it is winning.” “99.2% meaning there’s not vaccinated people with COVID filling our ICUs.

“This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” says Dr. Wilson. ,

“We wrote this letter because we have been living the horrible realities of this pandemic every day for a year and a half.”

The first responders who wrote the letter represent all six Emergency Departments in the greater Reno-Tahoe area and five pre-hospital systems.


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