Spanish Springs community set to give back to one of their own

Published: Aug. 21, 2021 at 2:11 PM PDT
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SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) - If you’ve ever driven up Pyramid Highway in Sparks you’ve likely seen a woman walking north of the intersection of La Posada Drive and Eagle Canyon Drive.

Her name is Jenny.

She’s been walking up and down the same stretch of road picking up trash every weekend for a decade. Her straw hat and glasses help her beat the heat, the sun, and keep a low profile.

Her efforts aren’t about her. It’s about her community.

KOLO 8 News Now talked with her off camera and she says on average she fills 15 to 20 thirteen gallon trash bags full of garbage each week. Her haul from Saturday morning included large pieces of Styrofoam, a massive chunk of wood along with other scraps.

Keeping her neighborhood clean brings Jenny joy. She started picking up trash because she saw others cleaning up a different part of Pyramid Highway years ago. Now her efforts have come full circle. Her neighbors are starting to see her impact.

“I was curious to see if anyone else has noticed this lady so I went on the NextDoorApp and broadcasted if people noticed this lady picking up garbage and they said ‘yeah,’” said Don Schmitz who lives in the area.

The app links community members together like Schmitz and his neighbor Dawn. Now they’re paying it forward.

“Another woman (Dawn) in the community put a drop box in her front yard and has been collecting money. We’re all going to go in and get (Jenny) some new shoes or a gift card to Scheels or something.”

Jenny is aware of her friends’ generosity. She’s on the app, too.

In the past Jenny’s gotten gas money and Starbucks from people who have pulled over to thank her. She’s even found money - cash just on the side of the road.

Everyone giving back means everything to her. She understands some trash can fly out of pickups. It happens. But some littering can be avoided.

Jenny also wants people to know they can do what she does at any time. All you need is some sunscreen, a reflective vest, and a love for your community.

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