Scouts BSA Camp Fleischmann fire damage assessment

Published: Aug. 9, 2021 at 10:42 PM PDT
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CHESTER, Calif. (KOLO) - Scout Executive and CEO Paul W. Penttila’s initial fire damage estimate is $750,000 three days after the Dixie Fire burned portions of the Scouts BSA Camp Fleischmann, which sits 98 miles northwest of Reno.

The hardest hit area sits on the southeast side of the Camp where it’s estimated the fire destroyed 13 cabins and the Camp’s generator.

The fire also destroyed the Camp’s medical facility, storage building near Lake Fleischmann, and possibly the waterline first used in May of 2021.

What’s unknown is the status of the ecology conservation area along with the archery range and the shooting range.

This damage assessment is preliminary and will likely change. It’s too early and dangerous for scout leaders to enter the Camp.

“The main camp, the heart of the Camp survived and so from that we will be able to rekindle and rebuild,” said the Camp’s Program Director, James Ferrigan.

Camp Fleischmann was dedicated August 9, 1958 and has been a place of memory building for the past 68 years.

Felipe da Silva says he first set foot on these camp grounds as a boy nearly 20 years ago.

He says learning about the Camp’s fire damage has been difficult to process.

“It was devastating because there are so many wonderful memories,” he said.

Penttila made the decision to evacuate Wednesday, July 21st, which was 17 days before the fire destroyed much of the Camp.

“They got out quickly. They got their staff out quickly. Our staff was the last to leave,” said Penttila.

No scouts or leaders were hurt.

Ferrigan and Penttila say they’re waiting for the day fire suppression leaders deem the charred Campground safe enough for them to see it with their own eyes to get a full assessment.

Penttila says the Camp is insured.

The next step forward is to have an adjuster look at the damage and to estimate the cost of the damage to rebuild and make repairs.

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