RTC Strike has riders scrambling for alternatives

Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 6:44 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Beatriz Rodriguez thought she had things planned out. She’s starting a new job and transportation wasn’t going to be a problem. Then the RTC bus strike happened.

“The bus was going to be the easiest route. Just wake up in the morning, swing in, catch the right bus, go to work, swing out, catch the bus in time to be home in bed.”

That was then.

And now, there are only two routes running--Virginia Street and the Fourth Street-Prater Lincoln Line which will take her home. The immediate problem is the reduced bus schedule. It doesn’t match her new workday schedule

“I do get one bus that’s coming my way, but it’s not going to the destination I’m going to be at for the coming week.”

David Nevis’ situation is relatively simple. from Fourth Street, he can catch a bus home, but his job is in Stead. He can’t get there. He says his boss is understanding, but if you don’t work, you’re not going to get a paycheck.

While the strike caught many by surprise, Katherine Smith may have been the first literally stranded. She lives in northwest Reno. Her work takes her downtown and on Tuesday, as she went to her bus stop, she’d heard nothing about a strike.

“Forty minutes later a car comes by. They said ‘You can sit there but the buses are on strike.’ And I said, ‘Are you sure? Because I haven’t heard anything.’”

As time passed others came by with the same news. She didn’t know what to think. Finally hours later one of them offered her a ride. She paid him $10.

She’s going to be doing a lot of that in the coming days. In fact, that’s going to be the solution for many in the coming days.

The RTC is advising everyone to seek alternative transportation if they can. For some that will mean carpooling, difficult for someone like Beatriz Rodriguez starting a new job.

RTC says in an emergency, to call to them at 348-RIDE. They may find a solution.

Their point-to-point service FLEXRIDE vans are not affected by the reductions, but in general, they only operate within certain designated zones.

So for most, it will still mean calling a cab, Uber or Lyft or a long hike.

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