Douglas County school district votes to require masks this school year

Published: Aug. 3, 2021 at 2:38 PM PDT
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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Nev. (KOLO) - The mask mandate is now in effect this school year.

Monday night, the Douglas County School board voted to require masks when school starts on August 9th.

Superintendent Keith Lewis said the requirement so far is heavily based around the governor’s mask mandate.

“As a school district you have to decide are you going to follow the law or break the law?” Lewis said. “As superintendent I took this job knowing that I wouldn’t break the law and I wouldn’t put a plan in front of them that did that and there’s potential ramifications.”

Superintendent Lewis says while he believes Nevada counties should have local control over the mask mandate, he does understand the push back and concerns from families on both sides.

He says this is a fluid situation and understands changes can be made at any time.

“It saddens me that this is such a political issue and again I go back to no decision is easy. We care deeply about our students, care deeply about our staff and we care deeply about our community,” added Lewis.

“I think it was the first thing I put on our presentation last year is that no decision we make will meet the needs of everyone. You have to make the tough decisions and I understand that’s not always popular, but again I represent a lot of different needs and I think the decision of the board last night was the right decision. We’re moving forward with that decision until the guidance changes and then we’ll readjust.”

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