Power outage in Susanville create concerns for residents

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 9:12 PM PDT
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SUSANVILLE, Calif. (KOLO) -Smoke and embers blanket the town of Susanville and as the Dixie fire continues to burn, power shut offs are routine in order to prevent the spread.

Susanville local “Karma” who asked us not to show her face said there is little relief in sight being exposed to the elements.

“With the power being off we’re exposed to the elements which is heat,” said Karma. “Inside of the apartments and mobile homes, we’re experiencing heat exhaustion, stomach cramps. We try to go outside before the smoke comes, and it comes in at 3 p.m., but once it comes at there’s ash falling and they’re having a hard time breathing.”

No power has limited the access to essential item, some businesses forced to close their doors for the time being.

“We’re unable to find ice right now, some places have it,” added Karma. “We’re running out of propane and lines for gasoline is long.”

While Karma said she was able to rent a generator for a week to run an AC unit and save their food from spoiling in the refrigerator, she knows not everyone is lucky.

“They’ve just opened a cooling center today, so we were four days exposed to the elements but a lot of people are thankful but unfortunately there’s no rides for the elderly. Some people don’t have transportation,” explained Karma. “I just wanted to make everyone aware of what is going on here at Susanville. I feel like there are definitely people suffering and I wish we had some kind of crisis response team where we could reach out to each other in the community.”

The Lassen County Sheriff’s department said those impacted by the rolling blackouts can head to Lassen Community College which is now a medical support shelter.

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