Residents save bear that escaped from Beckwourth Complex Fire

Published: Jul. 16, 2021 at 11:08 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - As fire crews get a hold of the Beckwourth Complex Fire, the aftermath has become more evident. The wildfire has not only destroyed the homes of many, but it is also hurting our wildlife.

Carrie McCargar, who lives near Doyle, Calif. was in shock when she walked outside and saw a bear laying on her property. At first, she thought it was a calf and quickly rushed to see if it was ok, but once she got closer she was very surprised. McCargar said it seemed he was barely able to escape the fire.

“It makes my heart sick to see the animals, I am happy I found him alive,” said McCargar.

McCargar said that she believes the bear came from the mountains that were burnt near her home and he ended up on her cattle field. There they found him very dehydrated and with significant burns on his paws. McCargar’s neighbors quickly brought out buckets of water for him to drink.

“They brought some kind of a little bowl for him and poured it in, he kept lapping it up, and then he suddenly got his head up and sat there like a big puppy dog drinking out of the bowl,” said McCargar.

Once the bear drank some water, McCargar brought him some food for him to eat. Within hours of finding him the bear was finally able to stand up. She said the first thing he did was go into this mud pile to cool off.

“There was no way I was just going to leave this innocent helpless animal laying out here in the heat,” McCargar said.

Thursday evening McCargar’s call for help was finally answered. Biologists from Plumas and Lassen counties took the bear to California veterinarians to get treated.

“They are part of our family, our neighborhood here,” said McCargar, whose generous act helped save this bear from what could have been much worse.

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