Staff shortage impacts local restaurant’s operations

Published: Jul. 1, 2021 at 12:41 AM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The current nationwide staffing shortage has changed the food and beverage industry dramatically.

At Louis’ Basque Corner they have posted a sign that says, “We are short-staffed. Please be patient with the staff that did show up. No one wants to work anymore!” It is the first thing that customers see before they go inside. Management posted the sign because of the increased difficulty in hiring new workers.

Craig Benson, Bar Manager at the restaurant said they are down more than 30 employees since the pandemic started. As a result, many employees have had to work for more than 15 days straight.

“We are having to pay overtime, we are short-staffed, we are bringing people to fill in, our kitchen manager is bartending and bussing tables, and I have waited tables,” Brenson explained.

Brenson said many people that have collected unemployment benefits no longer have an incentive to work for him. He said he is very thankful for guests like Rebecca Nunes, who is a regular at their restaurant.

“We know how hard small business owners work and we are not going to take it out on the owners because of the situation with the unemployment benefits,” explained Nunes.

She said this problem has a lot to do with the character of each person.

“Able-body American’s, they can’t come to work, they rather mooch of the American tax-payer dollar instead.”

Benson urged everyone who goes out to eat or drink to have some patience with the service. He said he was grateful to have such a supportive community to help keep their doors open during this recovery.

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