Jacks Valley grateful for firefighters, road and ditch

Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 5:38 PM PDT
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JACKS VALLEY, Nev. (KOLO) - Wednesday, the flames of what would be known as the Jacks Valley fire, driven by high winds, were bearing down on this rural neighborhood in what seemed like mere minutes.

Franki Peck noticed the fire from her home “The next thing I know it’s up by our fire department, even past the little school up there. And suddenly it was a dash to get everything loaded and out because it was quick, very quick.”>

Firefighters were in a defensive stance. The priority: keeping the fire out of these homes. The next day we could see how close it came, but apparently there was no structure damage.

The hext assignment: mop up, finding and extinguishing lingering hot spots. “The goal of mop up is to uncover any of the heat left in the area where the brush has burned,” says Deputy Chief Larry Goss of the East Fork Fire Protection District. If the wind were to pick up a hot spot it could toss it into some fuel and start the incident running again.”>

Residents who had fled the day before, no doubt worrying about what they would return to, were thanking the firefighters work.

“Amazing. These guys were amazing,” said Peck. “They got in their trucks and they ran their water trucks up and down our little access road to try to prevent the fire from crossing over into our property.”

Given the gusty winds that work was taking place in difficult conditions, but the firefighters did have one thing going for them, that road and an adjacent ditch. While not technically defensive space, the road--an easement for the local general improvement district-- and the ditch served as a fire break, a barrier to help the firefighters make their stand.

“The little ditch back there was originally created to help when we have flooding situations and we’ve never had a flooding situation” said Peck. “But this time that ditch and that little access road saved us from getting a fire burning our house down. So, it was very lucky for us.”

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