“Ghost Gun” bill gets hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee

Updated: May. 11, 2021 at 9:06 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - “You are trampling on the constitutional rights of certain people,” Republican Senator Ira Hansen said to the sponsor of Assembly Bill 286 Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui in a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

For gun owners who testified against Assembly Bill 286, that statement is the basis for their objection to the so-called “Ghost Gun” law.

The bill would prevent the manufacturer here in Nevada from producing gun parts which have no serial number and prohibit residents from possessing such guns.

“No constitutional law exists now or ever has, that allows anyone’s right to freedom at the loss of another’s right to safety,” testified Christiane Brown with Brady Nevada. Brown was in favor of the bill.

Jauregui says these guns are attractive to criminals because they can’t pass a background check and look to these guns as they have no serial number and cannot be traced; hence the name “Ghost Gun.” She says these guns are easily obtained by juveniles over the internet.

Steve Lindley from Brady United pointed to incidents in California where law enforcement has been shot by these guns over the past two years.

Which drew this question from Senator Hansen. “How many crimes have been committed in Nevada, in the last 5 years or sometime, with a gun, a true ghost gun?” Hansen asked.

Assemblywoman Jauregui says she does not have those statistics at this time. But says we do know gun crimes committed in other states have come from gun parts with no serial numbers manufactured in Nevada.

There were questions about the possession of antique guns which too have no serial number. This bill would have no impact on some antique guns.

But an NRA representative says AB 286 potentially makes criminals out of law-abiding citizens who may unknowingly own such a gun.

“May have firearms in their safe,” testified Dan Reid NRA Western Regional Director. “Maybe not aware there are no serial numbers. This is something that came through my family over the years. Could the potentially be liable under this?” he said.

Assemblywoman Jauregui was told several times in the hearing those who aren’t legally allowed to have guns, will always get them anyway—regardless of laws like AB 286 proposed.

“We don’t pass seatbelt laws knowing that every accident is not going to lead to a death,” she responds. “We pass these laws knowing it will save some lives because it might prevent some lives.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee took no action on AB 286 this afternoon, But after more than two hours of testimony, committee members know with certainty why Nevadans both support and oppose the “Ghost Gun” Bill.

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