With Cares Campus opening soon, City of Reno trying to lead unsheltered population to help

Published: May. 6, 2021 at 1:31 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The area’s homeless population will soon have a place to go.

As the new Nevada Cares Campus readies to open May 10th, the City of Reno is continuing to reach out to those living on the streets to remind them of the resources available to them now and moving forward.

The city’s ‘Clean and Sober Team’ spends many days at places like Commercial Row, stopping by each individual encampment to try and engage with those who’ve settled there.

“A lot of the people out here need their hands held, to be honest with you,” said Antonio Gilmore, a program specialist with the City of Reno’s Clean and Safe Team. “That’s what we’re doing. We’re helping them throughout the entire process.”

Whether it be helping them get a new ID or Social Security Card or leading them to various treatment or housing facilities, the aim is to one-by-one have a huge impact on the homeless community, reducing its exposure in many parts of town.

“If we want to see the streets of Reno clear, we need to bring the resources to them,” said Gilmore. The further we get away from Downtown, it gets harder. Those are the people who don’t want the help, so we need to take the help to them.”

The Cares Campus, which will shelter hundreds of the area’s homeless in its 46,000 sq. foot facility, won’t turn anyone way, says Jon Humbert, the City of Reno’s Public Information Officer.

But as Gilmore has learned since hitting the streets: many simply don’t want the help. It’s why the Clean and Safe Team is working hard to change the attitude, especially with plans to eventually clear out many of the region’s higher-populated homeless encampments through Downtown.

“Basically ... we’re going to be clearing this area out eventually,” said Gilmore, sharing his message to the individuals. “So you should try to get the help you need and these places can offer that help.”

“We’re here to help throughout the process.”

Learn more about the City of Reno’s Clean and Safe Team here.

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