AB 177 requires prescriptions in other languages

AB 177 Requires Prescriptions In Other Languages
AB 177 Requires Prescriptions In Other Languages(KOLO Staff)
Published: Apr. 16, 2021 at 12:07 AM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - One of Edgar Cruz’s biggest concerns is having his grandparents misuse their prescription medication.

“You got to know the steps that you are taking, you have to know what you are taking, and otherwise you are taking random stuff,” said Cruz.

His family’s first language is Spanish. It creates a barrier when it comes to understanding their prescriptions, but Cruz says Assembly Bill 177 could be the solution.

“It is going to be easier for them to know what they are taking and be aware of what they are actually putting inside of their bodies,” explained Cruz.

The proposed bill requires certain pharmacies in our state to provide information regarding a prescription in a language other than English.

“It is going to be beneficial for everyone, especially the Latin community,” Cruz said.

Pharmacies would have to let patients know what languages are available at their request. Teresa Benitez-Thompson, Assemblywoman said this is critical to help avoid medication errors.

“We will enhance patient and consumer safety by allowing prescriptions to be labeled in a language that can be easily read,” Benitez-Thompson said.

Robin Titus, Republican Assemblywoman Caucus Leader opposed the bill. She said this will go against their plan of making health care more affordable.

“Doing that may actually have an adverse outcome and increase the cost of prescriptions,” Titus said. “One of the issues is it is mandating that they are printed in many different languages.”

The bill also provides protection from civil liability to a pharmacy or employee for injuries that were involved with the prescription process.

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