Skateboarder rolls 2,500 miles along Australian coast

Published: Apr. 13, 2021 at 10:23 AM PDT|Updated: Apr. 13, 2021 at 10:26 AM PDT
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(CNN) – Australian Tom Drury covered 2,500 miles on four little wheels as he took a four-month journey of continental proportions.

He did it all on a skateboard.

“When the pandemic was happening, I was kind of getting a bit … of cabin fever at home,” Drury said. “So, I started skateboarding longer distances just to clear my head a bit. … I was just looking for an adventure.”

So, the 28-year-old embarked on an epic voyage of self-discovery skating from Melbourne to Cairns. Along the way, Drury gained a unique perspective of his country’s eastern coast.

It’s been exciting and inspiring, but grueling too, sometimes covering about 60 miles in a single day.

During his trek, Drury encountered deadly snakes, dangerous traffic and the unrelenting heat of an Australian summer.

Some days were simply brutal with temperatures around 100.

“There were no stops in between, not even for water, so I had to carry all my water with me,” Drury said. “It was dry and the sun was just like screaming at me.”

Logging so many miles, Drury went through six pairs of shoes and four sets of wheels on his skateboard.

He said his epic journey has changed him forever.

“My mental health has … never been better since I’ve started this trip,” Drury said. “I’m feeling so clear and I’m feeling so more in touch with nature and also in touch with people in general.”

Now that he’s done, Drury said he’s ready to go home and find a job. He said he never plans to do anything like this again, but he’s made enough memories to last a lifetime.

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