Silver Lake Elementary hit hard by ongoing vandalism

Published: Apr. 5, 2021 at 6:29 PM PDT
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STEAD, Nev. (KOLO) -From graffiti on the playground walls and large holes on the exteriors of the mobile classrooms...Washoe County School district staff is trying to figure out who is responsible for the vandalism at Silver Lake Elementary School.

Courtney Sego is the school’s principal.

“It’s been a huge safety hazard this week and last week we put plywood up as a makeshift so kids wouldn’t get hurt, explained Sego. “The day after we did that the plywood was ripped off and further damage was done that night.”

Vandalism at Silver Lake Elementary School
Vandalism at Silver Lake Elementary School(KOLO)

Sego is finishing up her first year at Silver Lake as the school principal.

She says the the school has been hit hard with vandalism every day last week, but the destruction goes beyond the current school year.

“My understanding is that its been going on for several years and as the weather continues to heat up, more people are on campus in the evenings because it’s warmer so more and more vandalism has been coming,” added Sego. “It’s been happening the entire time I’ve been here since this August but I know it came before me as well.”

As contractors and Washoe County employees constantly assess the damage to clean up, maintenance isn’t cheap. The cost?

“Everytime a ball wall is drawn on it cost about $1,600 to sand blast that off and that’s happened multiple times this year,” said Sego. “My understanding is also on the top of the list for most broken windows in the school district.”

Washoe County school police and Reno Police are investigating this case.

With no current leads, Sego is asking the community to step up and speak out.

“I have many kids that come to me asking why this is happening? Why are people ruining our school?” added Sego. “It’s upsetting for them “our kids come here every single day and they need to come to a safe place it’s affecting our community and I would ask if you see something, say something and help us get this stopped.”

Secret witness is offering a cash reward for any information that will lead to an arrest and prosecution.

You can call or text 755-322-4900. You can remain anonymous.

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