National publication awards Noble Pie ‘best wings’ in state

Published: Mar. 18, 2021 at 6:07 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The best wings in the state of Nevada, and they come from a pizza place.

The national food blog Eat This, Not That, has Noble Pie Parlor as the best of the best when it comes to chicken wings.

“To be named, or mentioned, in Eat This, Not That is a pretty huge deal because it’s just such a big brand,” said Noble Pie’s owner, Ryan Goldhammer.

Goldhammer isn’t surprised his wings are getting recognized. He says the three Noble Pie locations in Reno sell a couple hundred pounds of the wings each week. The secret is just some tender loving care.

“We don’t take shortcuts on anything that we do here,” Goldhammer said. “We make everything from scratch nearly every day.”

If you’re looking for basic flavors like buffalo or honey barbecue, you won’t find them at Noble Pie. Instead, ‘Burg style.

Here is how they’re made.

The chef weighs out the wings and drops them in the fryer.

“Then we do a double-fry where we fry them up again,” Goldhammer said of his special process.

Once they’re cooked, it’s over to the prep table. First, the sauce: a secret recipe that takes hours to make.

“Our sauce has a couple tricks that we use to get a really silky texture.”

A nice even coat without soaking the wings is key.

“Then we put on our parmesan cheese, fresh garlic, and green onion and serve it up with ranch or blue cheese and it’s ready to go.”

The unique flavor is something decades in the making.

“Our friend Rich who worked for us brought us that recipe. It’s an East Coast recipe from Pittsburgh. He showed us how it works. It was something that his uncle came up with some time in the 70’s. We wanted to remain true and pure to that style and the love and care that goes into it,” said Goldhammer.

The national recognition comes at a good time for Noble Pie. The NCAA Tournament is already helping drive sales.

“(We’re getting) a lot of phone calls, a lot of pickup orders, a lot of people having get-togethers at their home and going through their brackets and yelling and screaming at the TV,” Goldhammer said. “We’re just happy to be a part of it any way we can.”

Noble Pie also offers pizza, salads, and local beers and cocktails.

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