No prescription needed for birth control under Senate Bill 190

Published: Mar. 10, 2021 at 3:44 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Pharmacists fill prescriptions every day. Sometimes that prescription may call for birth control.

But if passed, Senate Bill 190 would change all of that. The bill allows a woman here in Nevada to go to any pharmacy and ask for birth control without a prescription.

“And what this is actually doing, is removing some of those barriers that we know women face when trying to obtain essential health care,” says Senator Nicole Cannizzaro, Senate Bill 190 sponsor. The bill also calls for insurance companies to pay for the birth control.

Listed on in the bill, the senator admits some of these birth control methods would not be able to be filled by a pharmacist as they require a pelvic examination. She says birth control pills would be the method most likely dispensed.

The insurance payment mandate is nothing new in our state. The Affordable Care Act, along with legislation in Nevada over the years covers that issue.

“And we wanted to make clear, that if you are obtaining that, be it a prescription from your OBGYN or if you are going to utilize the provisions of SB 190 to obtain it from the pharmacist,” says Senator Cannizzaro. “And either way it is covered by insurance the same as if it would be a prescription from a doctor,” she says.

Pharmacists would have to go over a questionnaire for women who would take advantage of this law---going over the risk factors and warning signs of using birth control. Just as they would with any other prescription medication.

The Senate Majority Leader says she’s worked closely with all parties involved and believes Senate Bill 190 has an excellent chance of becoming law.

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