Donations needed to get medical van for pets up and running

Published: Mar. 9, 2021 at 7:19 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Palomino Valley Pet Rescue purchased a medical van to help dogs and cats in rural areas, but there are a few problems to overcome first.

“The mice were enjoying the cords and wiring of the van so it does need some mechanical work,” said Palomino Valley Pet Rescue President, Terri Braunworth.

The KOLO Cares pillar partner and non-profit organization places pets with loving families.

”We’ll be able to offer medical services including spay, neuter, minor surgeries, and like I said your typical ear infections. Eye infections, and things like that,” Braunworth.

The focus would be rural areas like Winnemucca and medical costs would be kept as low as possible.

”The vets and the techs are paid, but they work for a very minimal fee,” Braunworth.

The van is really about more than medical care. It’s about protecting the bond between a pet and its owner.

“I get calls everyday with people. They end up having to surrender their animal because they can’t afford the vet care. I do rescue and I would much rather let the people keep their animals in their home than have to take them in and rehome them so that’s the whole point of doing this,” Braunworth.

Fixing this van to protect families from splitting up will take work.

”We need the medical equipment inside. It needs to be updated. It hasn’t been serviced in awhile,” Braunworth.

The engine is good, but the wires need work and the vehicle needs a new fresh look.

”We’re going to wrap the van with the logo and we’re going to put our sponsors on the outside of the van for advertising.

If there is a business that wants to donate we will put the information on the outside of the van and we’ll be a driving billboard for them,” Braunworth.

Money and services are the two obstacles standing in the way of bringing medical care to pets that would otherwise go without.

Click here to make donations. Add the notion that it’s for the clinic van.

Sponsorships and donations for services can be either emailed to or call (775)358-5527.

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