Responsible energy planning bill supports the State’s climate plan

Lawmakers and a Nevada business weighs in
Published: Mar. 9, 2021 at 2:08 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -The goal is to reduce waste while saving you money.

The Responsible Energy Planning bill would require Nevada’s gas utilities to avoid wasteful and unnecessary gas spending while considering clean energy alternatives.

It’s all part of the State’s Climate Plan to have clean power and zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Responsible energy bill supports clean power and zero greenhouse gas emissions for Nevada by...
Responsible energy bill supports clean power and zero greenhouse gas emissions for Nevada by 2050.(KOLO)

Assemblywoman Lesley Cohen (D-29) is sponsoring the bill.

“We’re not coming after your gas stoves, we’re not coming after your water heaters,” said Assemblywoman Cohen. “This is about moving forward in the future, how are we by 2050 going to get where we need to be to have a healthy environment for Nevadans.”

Nevada businesses like 1 Sun Solar Electric is already getting a head start on energy efficiency improvements.

Louise Helton is the founder of 1 Sun Solar Electric.

“One of the things we do is work with large corporations to retrofit their lighting,” explained Helton. “I can take their energy bill and everything their spending I’ll reduce it by 60%. That’s just with the lighting and that’s the same thing that can happen at your home.”

While Assemblywoman Cohen understands the push back from the gas industry about maintaining current jobs, she says the bill not only looks at public health impacts but also diversifying the local economy.”

“We don’t want to risk anyone’s job, we’re very sensitive to that in this day and age,” added Assemblywoman Cohen. “We’re talking very far in the future, those employees can continue to keep their jobs and do repairs on the infrastructure and keep us safe, but the bill does have a provision to include some new training to get them new jobs in the future economy of green jobs.”

Helton said she sees Nevadans benefiting from this sustainable energy movement.

“I mean lets just say that this year you’re spending a 100 bucks a month and next year through cost savings you’re paying 50 bucks a month,” said Helton. “Well what’re you going to do with the $50 leftover you have? It’s going to go back in our local economy.”

You can track bills for free as it moves through the legislature, as well as approve or oppose bills through the Nelis page from the Nevada Legislature website.

For the Nelis page, click here.

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