AB 143 hopes to create statewide task force to focus on human trafficking in Nevada

Published: Mar. 2, 2021 at 4:50 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - It’s ironic the secret world of human trafficking can occur in some of the most heavily traveled areas in our community. Like an airport. Other times it can occur in a family household.

James Dold testified Tuesday in Carson City. For him it began after meeting the family of a fellow cub scout. Within time he says he became something no one would wish on a middle school student.

“I was coming home from school every day to this house where I now live,” Dold told the Assembly Committee on Government Affairs. “And I was taking care of children. I was performing household chores. I was cleaning the kitchen, living room, bedroom. I was cooking, cleaning. I was essentially a servant to this family and their children,” said Dold who is now CEO OF Human Rights for Kids.

Dold says he eventually removed himself from the situation, but it was not easy. As a teenager resources and lack of understanding as well as state laws made it hard to get help as well as prosecute the woman responsible.

Assembly Bill 143 could change some of that.

The bill introduced by Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner hopes to set up a state task force to come up with a statewide plan to combat human trafficking. Currently there are only regional task forces. Krasner says if passed, Nevada will be one of 27 states and Guam who has a statewide task force and potential plan.

“Federal monies available only to states that have a statewide task force,” says Krasner who represents District 26 in Washoe County. Right now, we don’t have a statewide task force, so we are not eligible to get those federal monies.

Krasner hopes her bill becomes law so federal money can come to Nevada to help pay for medical services, psychological counseling, housing, job training or other programs.

Her bill calls for discretionary spending which is why AB 143 has no fiscal note.

No action was taken on the assembly bill in today’s meeting of government affairs.

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